Pruning Palms

Date-PalmsFan, Date and Queen are the most common varieties of palm trees in the Valley. Trimming old palm fronds and seed pods from each variety of palm takes place between June and August. If you prune sooner, the developing seed pods, which are usually removed with the old palm fronds, will grow after your first prune and you may need another seasonal trimming.

Seed pods are unique in size and shape to each variety of palm tree. However, one similarity between the subspecies is that each drops an abundance of seeds that can be a nuisance around pools and other recreational amenities. When you trim away old palm fronds, be cautious not to remove too many at once. Ideally, the remaining fronds should fan out to10:00 and 2:00 on a clock face. If you remove too many fronds, the heart, or growing center, may be damaged by the sun.

Remember, when trimming a tree, you never want to remove more than 25% of the green material.

Improper Pruning

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