Dethatch for a Healthy Lawn

The Dethatching Process

The dethatching process is a perfect example of the saying “out of chaos comes harmony”.  Removing thatch can be a messy process, but the end result is well worth it. Dethatched turf will grow more uniformly, be healthier over all and be better prepared for successful overseeding in the fall.

dethatch debrisThatch is matted, fibrous material between the soil and surface of the turf.  Typically, it is caused by the accumulation of decomposing grass clippings and debris tangled with grass stems and roots. To prevent thatch buildup, use a vacuum or catch mower each time you mow. If you notice minor thatch build up, remove it by hand with a rake.

dethatching equipmentDethatching can be done several ways.  You can buy an attachment for your lawn mower, rent a dethatcher or hire a landscaper.  For a residential lot, we recommend using a dethatching mower attachment, which can be found at your local home improvement or gardening store, for a quick, seasonal dethatching.

Once you dethatch, remove debris by hand raking or with a catch mower.  If you dethatch your turf during the growing season, it will recover quicker than if you dethatch in the winter months.

dethatching process

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