Javenlina in Your Landscape

Javelina LCJavelina, which resemble wild pigs, are actually peccary. These “desert hogs” have become quite common in certain residential areas, particularly where they find food. Preferred javelina diet consists of succulent plants and cacti, flowers, and other lush vegetation. Your beautiful bed of flowers is a delicious salad bar to a javelina.

Good news! There are certain plants that don’t taste good to a javelina. For a list of these plants, please check out the Arizona Cooperative Extension website below. Be aware, most new plants are an open invitation for consumption. So it’s best to install plants that are at least 5-gallons in size.

Largely nocturnal creatures, javelina can also be seen in the daytime during wintertime when the nighttime temperatures are colder. To discourage javelina from taking up residence in your neighborhood, follow these simple tips:

  • Avoid installing tasty plants or plants that drop fruit/nuts.
  • Ensure there are no pools of standing water to drink.
  • Keep garbage and table scraps secured and off the ground.
  • Eliminate habitat such as crawlspaces or other areas for a javelina to hide.
  • Do not scatter birdseed. Rather, try using seed blocks that can be suspended and do not contain much litter.

While there is no proven method for completely eliminating javelina, these suggestions will encourage javelina to frequent places other than your yard, while allowing you to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing desert landscape.

For more information:

Living with Javelina in Urban Areas                                                                 http://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/urban_javelina.shtml

Javelina Resistant Plants

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